Latest Political Betting Odds On House Races

Political betting odds on the House Races are up and running for anyone interested in wagering on the outcomes. These odds and various bets on politics can be found through online offshore sportsbooks. These sports betting websites offer a special political category for their members to participate in political betting. They are also completely legal for the people of the United States to join. There are plenty of sites to choose from when looking to join and bet on the House races. This network suggests only the best and most popular operators to gamble with.

The latest odds for the House race have the Democrats as the heavy favorite (-400) to continue to have majority rule of the House. However, the Senate bets have the Republican party (-145) as the favorite to win in that area of the political races. As the elections get closer, odds on all political bets could change based on current events leading up to the vote. Bettors should shop lines on the different sportsbooks suggested on this network before placing their bets so that they can wager with the site offering the highest payout on the bet they want to make for the House race and other political wagers.

Current Odds To Win the House

Democratic DonkeyDemocrats Keep the House
Republican Elephant Republicans Take the House

Top Mobile-Friendly Political Betting Sportsbooks

There are a number of mobile friendly political betting sportsbooks to choose from. In fact, every sportsbook operator that is recommended by this network can be used on mobile devices. Internet sports betting sites with all of the top political wagers do not have downloadable applications, However, their desktop sites have been made to be accessible with the use of a cellphone through mobile optimized versions of the website. Every bet can be done on a member’s phone.

Not only that, but everything including deposits and payouts are also available to be done, making it very mobile friendly and convenient for all users. Some of the top mobile-friendly sportsbooks for political betting include Bovada, MyBookie, and BetOnline. These operators have plenty of bets for politics within their “political” betting category on their page. Any device with internet capabilities will be able to open up these websites and use them just as they would from a desktop computer.

Is Betting On House Elections Legal

Yes! Betting on House Elections is 100% legal. These wagers can be found on offshore internet websites which are completely legal for residents of the U.S. to join. These businesses are licensed and regulated in their home countries to operate and this allows them to provide their products and services legally in the United States. All House Election bets as well as Senate, Gubernatorial and other political bets can be found on these platforms and are legal for members from the U.S. to bet on.

Odds That The Democrats Hold The House

The odds of the Democrats holding down the House are heavily favored at (-380). Democrats typically have the most seats in the House of Representatives which is why they are the favorite to continue to hold the position. On the other hand, this leaves the Senate open for the Republican party to win the majority vote which they are heavily favored to do. The Democratic party should continue to hold the House majority with the best odds given to do so. The Republican party are the underdogs in this category with odds of (+265) to take the House from the Pelosi hold.

Top Sites for Betting on House Races

Betting Site
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