Betting On Politics In 2020

With the US presidential election underway, bettors love getting in on the action when it comes it betting politics in 2020. Online sportsbooks are hosting a bevy of betting lines and odds for who will be seated as president for the next term. There are also betting lines for which political party will hold the Senate, and for which party will hold the House of Representatives.

Sports bettors aren’t only limited to the US elections either, there are betting lines for international political betting as well. Betting on politics host the same options that would be found if you were to bet on sporting events. There are always elections going on, not just the presidential election.

Sports bettors take action on the governor races as well. With 11 different states having gubernatorial elections, there is a slew of odds available right now for sports bettors. Every year many states host governor elections giving constant political action for players. Political sports betting at online sportsbooks will see the same variety of betting lines and prop bets that would be found when betting on sports. Here you will learn everything you would need to know about political betting at online sportsbooks.

Current Presidential Election Odds

Republican Elephant Republican Candidate
Donald Trump
Democratic DonkeyDemocratic Candidate
Joe Biden

Top Sportsbooks For 2020 Political Betting

Many online sportsbooks offer betting lines for political betting but the top ones offer variety and bonuses. The best betting sites for political betting in 2020 are the ones that give many ways to play to win big. Online sportsbooks like BetOnline and MyBookie are well regarded for their political odds of not just US elections, but international races as well. And these online sportsbooks offer some of the best options you can find.

These online betting operators also provide bonuses for the first time and returning sports bettors. These bonuses give a percentage match on deposits, giving you more money to bet on a potential candidate. These sites also offer a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal types, ensuring every player can find a financial method that suits them. A variety of bonuses, deposit and withdrawal methods, and betting lines are what make these bookmakers some of the best out there. Betting on politics in 2020 is made easy thanks to these top online sportsbooks that offer political odds.

Current Betting Odds To Win The 2020 Presidential Race

Donald TrumpCurrent odds at online sportsbooks have President Donald Trump as the favorite to win for a second term. Trump has the shortest odds at -120 with democratic nominee Joe Biden at +130. Trump has had the shortest Presidential odds constantly throughout the election. The only time Biden managed to have shorter odds than Trump was directly following the White House’s slow response to the coronavirus outbreak. Trump has since regained sports bettors' confidence as the country has responded to the global pandemic. There is no telling which way this election will go but the COVID-19 spread is looking to play a major role in how voters vote. Sports bettors should keep that in mind when taking action.

Odds to Win The Presidential Election:

  • Donald Trump -120
  • Joe Biden +130
  • Andrew Cuomo +4000
  • Hillary Clinton +7500
  • Mike Pence +7500

Odds To Win The Democratic Nomination

Joe Biden

All other candidates other than Joe Biden have ended their campaigns and endorsed the former VP. Still, however, online sportsbooks show that sports bettors are taking action on who will win the Democratic Nomination. A surprising figure getting a lot of action is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo began getting public praise following his aggressive response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Voters respected his reaction to the outbreak, and the polls have reflected it. Cuomo had shorter odds than Bernie Sanders, while Sanders's campaign was still in full swing. Cuomo is not running for president yet online sportsbooks reflect the public’s perception of him. Still, Joe Biden is the overwhelming favorite to face off against Donald Trump in the general elections.

Democratic Candidate:

  • Joe Biden -600
  • Hilary Clinton +700
  • Andrew Cuomo +1800
  • Michelle Obama +3300

Senate Race Betting Odds

There is a lot of action being taken on the Senate Race. Betting on the Senate Race is just another form of political betting action. Prop bets are surrounding which party will hold when it is all said and done. Republicans have the shortest odds to continue to hold the senate at online sportsbooks. Sports bettors are leaning heavily towards things staying the same following the general elections. This is just another example of how political betting is a big thing at online sportsbooks.

US Senate Control:

  • Republicans -170
  • Democrats +130

Betting Odds On House Races

Currently, the Democratic Party holds the House of Representatives and they have the shortest odds to continue to hold the house. Sports bettors aren’t expecting much to change in the White House according to odds at online sportsbooks. Betting on the house is just another way to get in on US political betting. Sports bettors will find prop bets like these throughout an election. Whether you are voting for the democrats or the republicans, the action is readily available.

US House Of Representatives Control:

  • Democrats -300
  • Republicans +220

Political Betting Odds On Gubernatorial Races

There is a host of betting options for players looking to wager on the governor, or gubernatorial, races. This year 11 states will have a governor seat up for grabs and the campaigns are already in full swing. Online sportsbooks offer up to date odds so you can see which way sports bettors are leaning throughout the election. Governor elections go on every year, this means that there will constantly be political action for sports bettors.

  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia

Is Political Betting Legal?

Yes, it is entirely legal to bet on politics at online sportsbooks. As online sports betting operators are legally able to provide betting lines to sports bettors all over the country, all of the odds and lines that are on offer can be accessed by their patrons. There are no legal ramifications for betting on politics at online sportsbooks. These bookmakers are located overseas and are not affected by US regulations. Therefore regardless of a state's own sports betting and gambling laws, you can legally bet on 2020 elections and politics at online sportsbooks.

The only legal barrier you may run into is legal sports betting ages. Online sportsbooks strictly follow a state’s gambling laws on sports betting age and will prevent you from making an account if you cannot provide legal documentation that you are old enough to participate in online sports betting. If you are old enough, then you will be authorized to participate in all the political betting available at online sportsbooks.

Political Betting Odds On International Races

US sports bettors can wager on elections outside other than US races as well. International political betting is also a major draw for sports bettors at online sportsbooks. Other countries have elections as well and there are betting lines and odds available to sports bettors during these elections. Popular betting lines include who will be the next leader of country X or who will replace Y leader after they pass.

Betting lines like these and plenty of others are available at online sportsbooks. You do not need to be from the country to bet on the country’s elections. The process is the same as if you would wager on a European soccer game while in the United States. Nothing is preventing you from finding odds at online sportsbooks for international races.

Top Sites for Betting on Politics

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